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Youth leadership and social action

This year, for #iwill week, we are proud to announce that two of our Youth Advisory Panel members, Sana Amin and Thomas Copeland are now #iwill Ambassadors. Vice Chair, Sana Amin, blogs about her role in youth leadership and social action...

Being the Vice-Chair of Spirit of 2012’s Youth Panel has meant working as part of a team of ten amazing young people who have the determination to create positive change in their society.

I didn’t imagine I’d be helping to allocate £75,000 to Creative Minds, an innovative project tackling the stigma around mental health in young people and helping them be the best versions of themselves.

I’ve learnt that great ideas can take time to develop but to make them work, what’s important is to grow as an individual first. As an #iwill ambassador, I’m excited to continue my social action journey by collaborating with other amazing young leaders from around the UK and share unique stories.

#iwill is a campaign aimed to have meaningful social action as part of as many young people’s life, improving their skills and characters as well as benefiting communities.  I’m determined to help young people from diverse backgrounds get the opportunity to grow, fulfil their potential and have their voices heard.


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