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WOW - Women of the World

We funded the Southbank Centre to support communities across the UK in developing their own Women of the World festivals. The events were being driven by local people and saw nine festivals in five locations before 2019. Bradford hosted the first festival in 2016 and the further festivals took place in Exeter, Perth, Norwich and Cardiff.

WOW festivals celebrate women and girls, bringing people together to discuss the obstacles stopping them from achieving their potential. They are a tool for social change, and our WOW Spirit festivals aimed to reach some of the most marginalised voices in society, helping them to get actively involved in their local communities, and to improve their wellbeing.

Spirit of 2012’s support is enabling communities across the UK to establish WOW festivals where women’s stories and experiences can be heard, laughs shared, awareness raised, and obstacles creatively challenged to foster a fairer, more equal society. These events mark a significant step in the expansion of the WOW – Women of the World – festival network.

Jude Kelly CBE, Artistic Director of Southbank Centre
WOW speaker talking at panel


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3 Years

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