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Viewfinder Plus

Viewfinder Plus

Viewfinder Plus

Viewfinder Plus is a three-year programme engaging 40 project members across forty-eight film skills workshops. They will ‘map’ people and third/private/public organisations they are - or would like to be - connected to and invite them to an event at the end of each block. Members will showcase their filmmaking skills and one organisation will run a taster workshop as a gateway into activity.

This follows the success of Beacon Film’s three-year Viewfinder programme, a talent development initiative that supported filmmakers with disabilities, autism and additional needs.

Our Viewfinder Plus project aims to enable filmmakers with learning disabilities, autism and additional needs to pursue their creative abilities more independently and use those skills in their local communities.

Will Sadler, Development Director, Beacon Films CIC


Project spend

3 Years

Project duration