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Debbie Lye

Chief Executive

“It is both a challenge and immense privilege to be charged with re-igniting the transformational spirit that characterised the London 2012 Games and more recently the Glasgow Commonwealth Games within communities across the country, to provide a constantly revitalised sporting, cultural and social legacy”

Ruth Hollis

Director of Policy and Impact

"I am passionate about the power of sport, arts and culture, and volunteering to improve wellbeing and really change lives both for communities and individuals. I work across all our programmes to make sure that we can understand and promote the impact of our investments, ensuring we can see real, sustainable, and meaningful change across the country."

Jane Duncan

Head of Finance and Investment

"I joined Spirit in February 2017 as Head of Finance following a long career break and am looking forward to helping the charity achieve its goals through clear financial reporting to the staff and Board. The sheer number of projects and people reached across the country by Spirit is amazing and truly energising."

Dr. Catherine Riley

Head of Communications

"My role is to communicate the fantastic work Spirit does to promote wellbeing, empowerment and equality, telling our story to stakeholders and the wider public. I'm thrilled to work for an organisation that makes people's lives better: Spirit's mission to leave a social legacy through the projects it funds is unique and powerful, bringing opportunities to individuals and communities across the UK."

Amy Finch

Head of Learning and Impact

"I was attracted to working for Spirit because it is serious about understanding the impact of the money it gives, and genuine in its commitment to learning. Through our funding, we emphasise that those elements that make up the social fabric of our lives – our community connections, our cultural experiences, physical activity – can have a highly significant impact on our capacity to flourish and find life worthwhile."

Priscilla Chau

Research and Grants Officer

"I’ve always had a deep interest in improving the well being and mental health of individuals which led to my studies in psychology and neuroscience. With the research skills I've developed, I hope to support Spirit funded projects in making a credible impact for their beneficiaries."

Alex Johnston

National Grant and Learning Manager

“I was initially seconded from our founder, the Big Lottery Fund, and managed our Spirit of Glasgow programme. As a Glasgow resident, this was hugely exciting for me and a real thrill to play a part in creating a legacy for the XX Commonwealth Games. I now manage projects related to the Spirit of Rio and looking at how physical activity can lead to social change.”

Helen Killingley

Grant and Learning Manager

"I have been inspired by the London 2012 Games since we won the bid and have worked in the charity sector across similar portfolios to those that Spirit now fund. I now manage a series of Spirit funded projects and enjoy working with them to develop, understand and share their learning and impact on individuals and their communities."

Nikki Adebiyi

Communications Assistant

“Working for Spirit has been an amazing opportunity for me to delve into communications and learn more about managing social media and writing about amazing causes and people. I am thrilled to work for an organisation that is making a real impact in communities all across the UK.”

Jean Vas

Office & Board Administrator

“I wanted to work on projects that made real impact, that made a difference to people’s lives. Here at Spirit our funding makes that happen, I’ve come across so many fabulous projects that make dreams reality, and that’s what counts”.