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Our YAP Vice-chair Libby is proud to support #iwill week

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Our YAP Vice-chair Libby is proud to support #iwill week

We pledge to ensure that young voices are woven into the fabric of our decision-making through the Spirit of 2012 Youth Advisory Panel (YAP), made up of 10 young people from across the UK. The young people we work with are incredibly engaged with what is going on in the world around them, and are passionate for change that will make things better. All of this makes #iwill’s work so vital – and it’s why we’re proud to support it.

Our #iwill week blog, by Director of Policy and Impact Ruth Hollis, is here > >

This year, we want our young people to do our talking for us, which is why we’re featuring a different ‘YAP-er’ every day of the #iwill week on our website and social media. Today, we welcome Libby Powell, joint vice-Chair of YAP, who will set out what volunteering – and Spirit of 2012 – means to her. Spiritof2012: Can young people make a difference? How? Libby: Young people can make a difference by just saying yes and volunteering to help out their communities. It doesn’t have to be many hours a week – just a couple of hours a month will make a massive difference. They are so many useful things everybody can do – be that online campaigning for new speed bumps, to helping keep the community safer, to going to visit an elderly neighbour or even litter picking. Small actions make a big difference.

Spiritof2012: What social change do you most care about?

Libby: The social change I care most about is the unification of communities. I am a firm believer we can all learn from one another and all help each other. Once the inter-generational and intersectional gap has been bridged then communities will thrive and be safer places to live.

Spiritof2012: How is Spirit helping you make change?

Libby: Spirit is providing the opportunities for communities to come together through different mediums, including dance, art and cultural activities. Spirit is proving that we are all equal and together – not only can we learn but we can have fun together too!

Spiritof2012: What myth about young people are you most keen to debunk?

Libby: The myth I am desperate to debunk about young people is that we don’t care. Young people do care but are often afraid of being stereotyped or their efforts being wasted. When young people are given opportunities to create change the results can be tremendous.

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