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National Paralympic Day

National Paralympic Day

This project has now closed

National Paralympic Day is a celebration of the Paralympic movement and an opportunity for people in the UK to come together to relive the wonder of London 2012.

As the organisation responsible for the British team but also for the promotion of the Paralympic movement in the UK, the British Paralympic Association (BPA) is committed to continuing this inspirational impact and seeking ways to drive real change.One key element of this strategy is a commitment to hold an annual celebration of the Paralympic movement in the UK – putting high quality, world class sport at the centre to inspire wider activity and change. This led to the creation of ‘National Paralympic Day’ (NPD), which sought to recreate the wonder of London 2012 through the provision of an international multi-sport competition and a range of grassroots ‘have a go’ sporting and other inspirational activities.

The Paralympic movement has changed the way we view disability; it is absolutely key to Spirit’s vision that we boost this momentum. We are thrilled to support National Paralympic Day. It is an event that can capture the public’s imagination, promoting positive and engaging role models for young disabled athletes, and showcasing achievements that challenge limited perceptions of what it means to be disabled.

Debbie Lye, Chief Executive