What is Spirit of 2012?

Spirit of 2012 is a funding charity, established with a £47m endowment from the Big Lottery Fund. We fund partners across the UK that provide opportunities in sports, physical activity, arts and culture, volunteering and social action. It was founded to continue and recreate the spirit of pride, positivity and social connectedness that people experienced during the London 2012 Games and we invest to create good outcomes for people and their communities:

  • We fund sports, arts and volunteering projects to increase wellbeing.
  • We measure the impact of these projects on people and communities and use that information to improve other projects. 
  • Our projects challenge limiting perceptions of disability and create inclusive opportunities.
  • We work with expert partners to ensure our projects deliver the best outcomes possible.

Individual and social outcomes interest us more than numerical targets, inputs and outputs; a focus designed to enhance the projects we fund for both partners and beneficiaries. We have built a dynamic learning hub among the ‘Spirit family’ of partners to help spread and embed our insights and best practice.

"I am immensely proud to have been there from the start -  helping to establish Spirit and its first round of investments. Spirit understands that events, large or small, can be powerful vehicles for social development. Foremost among these is challenging perceptions of disability and disabled people to shift attitudes and trigger long term change."
Baroness Grey-Thompson, Spirit of 2012 Patron

"The community spirit, cohesion and participation the nation experienced during the London Olympics and Paralympics was the inspiration behind the Big Lottery Fund's creation of Spirit of 2012. Spirit's work will build on the positive changes in people's attitudes and behaviours to ensure they continue making a real difference in communities across the UK."
Peter Ainsworth, Chair of the Big Lottery Fund

Further reading and information

  • Find our more about our funding strategy and objectives here
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  • Our Annual Report & Audited Accounts 2013/2014 are available here
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